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Icons Whispered

Icons for all your obessions

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Icons Whispered

Welcome to the icon journal of whisperedsong. I spend my free time on the computer hunting down images to make pretty icons for YOU to use. Please read and follow the rules below. Enjoy them! I love to see people using my icons, and I love to know what people think of them, so long as they're following the rules.

Please read the rules!

These rules are made to be followed, not broken. I love to see my icons used by others, that's why I make them. However, I do NOT appreciate theft! If you read these rules & respect my icons, we'll have no problems.

- Please feel free to comment if you are taking. I love to hear positive and negative comments about my work. Helps me feel good and lets me know what to work on.
- Credit is greatly appreciated. icons_whispered in either your keyword or comment boxes. If you do not know how to do this, feel free to ask; I'm more than happy to help.
- Please do not manipulate my work or change it in any way unless otherwise stated.
- Please do not say that my work is your's. That is just not nice. Not nice at all. Besides, it makes you look bad, not me .
- Do not use icons as bases unless it is stated that the icon is a base.
- PLEASE ... PLEASE do not post icon requests where they do not belong. There is an icon request thread for that; it is located here. If there is an request on anything other then the request page, IT WILL BE DELETED.
- And please, for the love of all that is good and tasty, do not HOTLINK! How will I host these pretty icons for you if you hotlink & I can't use my image hosts?
- Wallpapers may not be altered in anyway.
- These rules cover ALL images and graphics posted on this journal. Nothing is exempt. Please respect that.

For all the talented & kind people who share.

I try to update this often, but if you see a texture or maybe a brush that may be yours, just message me kindly and let me know that you're not on this here list. We are all humans and make mistakes, but we here at icons_whispered are firm believers of giving credit where it is due.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
We try to update this often, but if you see a texture or maybe a brush that may be yours, just message us kindly and let us know that you're not on this here list. We are all humans and make mistakes, but we here at icons_whispered are firm believers of giving credit where it is due. Icon Textures & Brushes Resources dearest teh_indy minusthewalrus myrasis xani grrliz01 daughterofsnape luthien_black juuichi_binetsu _iconographer jense damnicons colorfilter anais_dirge iconographer_ eggdrpsoup zinzibar anglesey arisubox marlenum arisubox colorset _ashenicons unmasked_icons sir meleada hexicons the_testimony ohfreckle lemonrocket _promenadeicons neke blossombunny icons_with_love leelarama liars_dance remember_roses meleada wonderland__ xsacrifice static_romance weapon_icons awmp iconxgallery_ icenedra boogieland helium_icons messdestruction paine_09 ruthenia_alba tendercolor sweetsentiment shogale hires_hotties hires_hunks hollywoodhq

Magitek Designs Forbidden Fire Hybrid Genesis

Screen Cap Sources Secret Obession Screencap Paradise Movie-Freaks Crafty Monkie TV-Fans spiffy_themes - Prison Break

Celebrity Photo Sources JenAniston.net - Jennifer Aniston Friends: Greatest Sitcom - Friend's Friend's Cafe - Friend's Naomi-Watts.net - Naomi Watts Natalie Empire - Natalie Portman DeppImpact - Johnny Depp Johnny Depp Web - Johnny Depp Heath Ledger.piwko - Heath Ledger kkwavefront - Keira Knightley Travisfimmel - Travis Fimmel Tom Welling - Tom Welling Pitt Center - Brad Pitt Charlize Online - Charlize Theron Ewan McGregor - Ewan McGregor Jared-Leto - Jared Leto Heath Baby - Heath Ledger Chris-Evansv - Chris Evans Wentworth-Miller - Wentworth Miller DearJoaquin - Joaquin Phoneix Bryce-Online - Bryce Dallas Howard Fox.com - So You Think You Can Dance? hayden-patettiere - Hayden Patettiere

Stock Photo Sources Corbis GettyOne

Other DaFont - fonts

Please note! If you think that I have forgotten about you, or if you may have been overlooked in the crediting, PLEASE let me know! I'm only human, and I'd looove to credit you if I've used your stuff and kept you off the list.



And don't forget to visit the new graphics community for the ex-co-mod, Cassie, here: driveon_icons!

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To use these graphics, please right click and select "Save As", and then upload the image to your own server! I love for my name to be out and about so that I can make others just as happy as you! PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK THESE!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com  



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We've got talent, yes we do!

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